Welcome to Monifa Dayo

Monifa Dayo is an exclusive supperclub specializing in blending the shabby with the chic, the fancy with the real and the old with the new.

The founder and executive chef of Monifa Dayo is none other than, I,  Monifa Dayo herself.

When visiting the supperclub you will experience my strong West and East African influence dance harmoniously with my California cuisine technique. Each bite - whether small bites, family style or an artfully plated  dish - is adopted with high integrity, using the finest ingredients sourced from local, organic, and sustainable purveyors.

At Monifa Dayo each patron has the opportunity to experience dining through the heart of a chef, and experience what seasons, ingredients, genres and people inspire them. While there you will also be privyed to the intriguing decor drawing inspiration from African, Jewish and American heritage.

At the root of it all, the #MonifaDayoExperience is about celebrating the culinary artist within.

Like nothing you've had the pleasure of experiencing, Monifa Dayo is definitely a must experience in the San Francisco Bay Area.